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Bandit Boot Camp Success Story–Rena Wiggins

Published by on September 1, 2016 7:11 pm


by Janice Marie Ferguson

Just keep showing up. Trust the process.  That’s what we always tell our clients at Bandit CrossFit. Rena Wiggins has done just that. (PS: It’s pronounced ruh-NAY.)

Rena started with us in April during our first Bandit Boot Camp class. That picture on the left was her on April 2. The one on the right was taken in July. I didn’t realize how much different Rena looked back then because I see her all the time. But, she has lost 31 lbs. I just told her today that I don’t even remember that lady in the pink.

Rena has really blossomed not only in her overall health, but in her confidence. She has even moved on from our Boot Camp classes to join our CrossFit classes. After several months of Boot Camp, with Coach Emily Fowler, we took her through a personal On Ramp, and now she is continuing her journey as a faithful CrossFit member of our 5 am class.

Rena told me the other day that she never thought she’d ever be the person to wake up at 5 am to workout, but she absolutely loves it. And it shows. She rarely misses.

Her husband, Allan, stopped me at D’Iberville High School, where their daughter plays volleyball, to talk about how much Rena has changed over the past few months. Allan is predicting a triathlon, or some other form of competition in Rena’s future.

I hope Allan is right. One of our missions at Bandit CrossFit is to help people do really cool stuff with their fitness, if they choose to. Rena is a perfect example of what hard work and dedication looks like, so I can only imagine it won’t be long until I get a call from her asking how to train for a triathlon or a CrossFit competition. And I can’t wait for it!

Great job, Rena!! Your Bandit family is very proud of you!!


  • Debbie Fogleman says:

    This is an awesome transformation…as she knows it takes one day at a time and true commitment! Congrats to Rena!! Bandit Crossfit is so dedicated to the health and well being of their clients. Love Bandit!!

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