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Schedule & Pricing

Schedule and Classes

5:00 a.m.
6:00 a.m.
8:15 a.m.

4:00 p.m. Bandit Boot Camp (M-W-F only)
4:30 p.m. Coaches Meeting
5:30 p.m. CrossFit
5:30 p.m. Bandit Boot Camp (M-W-F only)
6:30 p.m.

Saturdays – TBD. Some Saturdays are Free and Open to the public. Check our Facebook events page for times and dates for our Free Saturdays.

Saturday -10:30-11:30 a.m.

Check out our schedule, and enroll in the class you’d like to attend here: Bandit CrossFit Front Desk
You can complete your waiver, enroll in the class you’d like to attend, and take care of payment all in one place. If you would like to pay with cash, go ahead and create your account, complete your waiver and sign in for the class you want to attend. The coach on duty will take your payment when you come to class. Please note, if you are on your own program, you will need to contact our head coach to make sure we can accommodate the times you need. Please send an email to to let us know when you are coming.


Membership/InBody Scan Pricing

Individual Couple
 BOOT CAMP MONTHLY RATE (no agreement/6 month agreement)
(New campers first month is $155, and comes with 2 Inbody Scan)
CROSSFIT MONTHLY RATE (no agreement/6 month agreement) $159/139 $269/249
YOGA (members/nonmembers) $6/$10 class
Visiting CrossFitter 1 Day Drop In  ($25, includes T-shirt)
Visiting CrossFitter 1 Week (contact us for longer visit pricing options) $50, includes Tshirt)
InBody Body Composition Single Scan (nonmembers/members) $49/$20 N/A
Inbody Quarterly Scan Package (4x a year) $179  N/A


What’s an InBody Scan??


 Drop-In Pricing

Visiting CrossFitter/Weightlifter Drop-in Fee and Policy:

We have space in our gym for visiting CrossFitters and Weightlifters to do their own programs. Please contact Janice Ferguson at 228-224-1515 (cell) to reserve your space. If you don’t call ahead, you could be denied a spot in our open gym space.

Bandit CrossFit is a weightlifter-friendly gym. All of our coaches are USAW sports performance coaches, and our head coach, Janice Ferguson, is an Assistant Coach of the Mississippi Weightlifting Club.

How much is the drop in fee?
–$25 for one visit, this comes with a gym Tshirt.
–$50 for one week unlimited gym access, comes with a gym Tshirt.
–$75 for two weeks unlimited gym access, comes with a gym Tshirt.
Note: These policies and prices are only for out-of-town, or visiting CrossFitters.  Inexperienced CrossFitters must take a beginner’s course before entering our CrossFit classes.

Personal Training

Our coaches’ expertise isn’t limited to our CrossFit group classes. We offer a broad range of personal training to meet your fitness, health, or performance goals. From personal CrossFit training, sport-specific strength and/or conditioning training, to weightlifting and powerlifting technique, running, nutrition/supplements, mobility, gymnastics skills and obstacle racing, our coaches can help you improve on any area of fitness or performance.


1 person–$45/hour
2 people–$80/hour
3 people–$90/hour
4 people–$100/hour

We also write a multitude of supplemental programs including progress-monitoring starting at $75 per month.

Our personal training and supplemental programs are open to anyone. CrossFit gym membership is not required.

Please see our coaches page and contact your coach of choice to set up a free 30-minute consult.

Beginning CrossFitter Policy

Bandit CrossFit coaches expect our group class members to be very self-sufficient, educated, and informed across a broad variety of exercises; particularly weightlifting and weightlifting accessory lifts. We also pride ourselves in giving superior coaching and instruction to our current members. For this reason, we do not allow “free trials” during the week for inexperienced people who want to try CrossFit. We feel this takes away from our ability to provide a high level of service to our existing clients. Free trials can be taken on our popular Saturday class. See our Saturday event schedule on our Facebook event page for times and dates:

Our CrossFit classes consist of four components:
1) warmup
2) skill/accessory work
3) weightlifting (strength)
4) conditioning (cardio/metcon)

With all of this work, we must move quickly to get everything in. Beginners need more attention and time. Rushing through a one-hour class is a disservice to a beginner, and will not provide a true sense of the quality coaching experience we provide at Bandit CrossFit. We want all of our clients and potential clients to have a top-notch experience in our gym.

We offer three options for beginning CrossFitters to try/join Bandit:

1. Group On Ramp sessions: Two classes a week for four weeks. Classes are limited to 6 people and have two coaches. These group OnRamps typically occur in the months of March-June each year. There is no commitment required after the Group On-Ramp. Group On Ramp Cost: $140.
2. Personal On Ramp sessions: Four classes that must be completed over two weeks time with the option to pursue more classes, if needed. Classes are set on your schedule, and you will work individually with a coach. We allow up to two people in the individual On Ramp program. There is no commitment required after taking the personal On Ramp. Personal On Ramp Cost: $180 for four hours. (For a couple, the cost is $320)
3. Free Saturdays: Anyone is welcome to try our gym for “free” on Saturdays. The workout can be modified for any fitness level, easy to understand, and fun! Beginner and experienced are welcome to come for a workout with us. Check our Facebook event page for our Saturday schedule.

For information on group or individual on ramp, please contact Janice Marie Ferguson via email,