Bandit CrossFit FEBRUARY 2017 Beginner’s Class


Fun! Community! Results! That’s what CrossFit is!

Want to see for yourself what CrossFit is all about, but in a low pressure atmosphere with others who are new just like you? Our Bandit Beginner’s course this February is just what you’ve been looking for!

SIGN UP HERE: Bandit CrossFit Front Desk Website (search for Group Beginner’s Class under Plans)

Our beginner’s classes are limited to 8 participants all who have no CrossFit experience. The curriculum is structured to take the class members through all of the common movements AND to teach proper modification and technique of all the exercises. We can show you how to achieve ANY movement, or develop strategies to work toward that first pushup or pullup. That’s our coaches’ specialty! Beginner’s class participants graduate with a solid foundation and understanding of CrossFit and then may choose to join our group classes OR continue with some small group or personal training if they want more help learning before coming to our group classes.


Class Times:
(choose one time slot, and you will come to that class time for the four week program.)

Class Dates:
Every Tuesday and Thursday*
February 7th-March 2nd (4 weeks long)
*the fourth week, our normal Tuesday class will be pushed to Wednesday, March 1.

$145 per person (no discount for couples)

SIGN UP HERE: Bandit CrossFit Front Desk Web Site (search for Group Beginner’s Class under Plans)

CONTACT: Janice M. Ferguson: 228-224-1515 or [email protected]


Is OK to miss any classes?
We recommend that you don’t miss any more than two of the classes. If you have something come up, and you normally attend the 6am beginner’s class, we can certainly make arrangements to get you in the 6:30pm class time so you don’t miss anything.)

What do I bring?
Once you sign up, we will send you an email with a list of things to expect and to bring. We also create a Facebook group to help prepare you for class each day and give you extra tips and help throughout the month.

What ages can participate?
We are a fully licensed and insured business. Our insurance policy allows us to work with people aged 12 and up.

Do I have to join the gym after?
No, this is just an education course. But, we hope that you love it enough and want to stick around for awhile! It usually takes about 3-6 months of at least three days a week in the gym to start seeing the most change and best results.

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