Bandit CrossFit is Hiring!

by Janice Marie Ferguson, Bandit CrossFit owner

Do you want to help others meet their fitness goals? Do you want to earn money doing it?

Do you ever wonder if what you’re doing matters?

Do you ever feel like no matter how much work you put in at your current job/career, that you’ll never get compensated for anything more than the bare minimum?

I’m looking for someone to join my business who wants to learn every aspect of it, while having fun. My goal is to provide an avenue for someone to earn a living by making a difference in helping others reach their goals.

The right person for the job will be a jack of all trades and willing to pitch in and do whatever it takes to support the mission of Bandit CrossFit: “Help everyone be awesome at whatever it is they want to be awesome at.”

For more about our mission, see here: Bandit CrossFit Mission and Motto.

This is a gym full of multipotentialites. I am a multipotentialite. Are you?  Haven’t heard of this before? Watch this:

While you don’t have to be a multipotentialite to take this role, the person who fills this role in our business must be willing to wear many hats and pull from a breadth of experiences and interests– AND they must understand the mindset of people who are interested in multiple things.

Of course all of the standard, and sometimes meaningless, job descriptions and buzzwords apply: The right candidate must be customer service-oriented, and have great interpersonal skills in building meaningful relationships. He/she must be a “team player.” Computer skills are a must. Social media and Web site management experience is also helpful. More important than anything is the ability to be self-motivated and willing to DO WORK! This is not a “job” that will afford someone to sit at a desk from 8-5 making the same pay whether he/she does 8 hours or 3 hours of productive work. Time management and productivity are paramount to success in this position. The right candidate will demonstrate they are capable of 100% commitment to doing what is right for the people we serve and upholding our mission. This will be the foundation of everything we do as a team. The proper candidate will work closely with me to “divide and conquer” the daily tasks of operating a gym and providing top-notch service to our valuable clients.

Based on your strengths, experience, and potential, you could be doing any number of things in the business:
-greeting clients
-answering calls and emails
-scheduling appointments
-celebrating accomplishments with clients
-helping clients plan and reach their fitness goals
-logging client data, managing membership
-posting on social media
-maintain and order retail items
-cleaning and organizing
-equipment maintenance and purchasing
-teaching specialty seminars (weightlifting, endurance, rowing)
-teaching CrossFit group classes
-working with individuals and small groups
-writing blog/Web content
-managing social media
-creating marketing plans and programs
-planning and organizing events and seminars
-analyzing and modifying current business systems
-creating and implementing new programs
-creating new revenue streams for the business
-organizing staff meetings and education for coaches
-managing our coach team schedule and evaluating performance
-creating your own role in the business and having creative freedom to work with me to find what your perfect job and day will look like.

Things You do not Have to Be/Have to Apply:
-a fire-breathing athlete who has plans to dominate CrossFit competitions
-a currently employed CrossFit coach, or CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
-a current member of a CrossFit gym

All applicants will be evaluated for the total package, and will be considered carefully. Don’t be afraid to apply if you lack fitness coaching and training experience. Bandit CrossFit has a comprehensive intern/education program and process for our trainers. This is why we have some of the best trainers around. I truly believe that successfully coaching others is rooted deeply in having the passion to help others above almost anything else.

This is a dream job for a customer service oriented, people person, who wants to help people live a healthy and fit lifestyle. Basically, you will be engaging with amazing people on a daily basis and building relationships. The job will start relatively small, and grow based around your strengths and contributions. Motivated people will be given more responsibility, more hours, and more pay. I am looking for someone who wants to be with us for a while and is willing to learn. This is also a great avenue for a current coach or CrossFitter who has been leaning toward striking out on his or her own because of his/her desire to pursue a career in CrossFit. This position will allow you to bypass all the risk of business ownership and startup costs and allow you to focus on what your true goal is: help people get fit, and help them change their lives with a program that has done the same for you. My vision for this position is that this person, just as with any other coach in my business, will become an entrepreneur who has access to all the resources our gym has to offer without any of the risk of ownership. Again, experience is not as important as a passion for fitness and helping people.

Your job will ACTUALLY MATTER, because you’ll be working with people who are committed to improving their lives. You’ll do great work, get some really cool benefits, and make a difference!

Want to know more?

Email [email protected] with the following:

1) A quick introduction about who you are (feel free to include your CrossFit story)
2) Tell me why you’d be awesome for this job (give me actual examples and proof that you fit some of the buzzwords: team player, motivated, self starter, hard worker, customer service oriented)
3) Your resume

Please note that all inquiries will be kept strictly confidential, and candidates’ names will not be shared with ANYONE inside or outside of our organization.

Who Can Apply?
Anyone of legal employment status in the U.S. is eligible. Candidates may be gym members or others outside of our current gym population. Even if candidates are not selected for this position, there will be openings for additional part time coaches, with less admin roles, at our gym in the near future, and this list of candidates will be considered for those roles.

Application Deadline?
I will accept applications until Friday, January 8, 2016.

Again, send your information to [email protected], and I will contact you with more information on January 15, regarding the next round of consideration: private interviews.


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