Bandit CrossFit Now Offering Yoga Classes

kozan yogaBandit CrossFit yoga instructor, Li-Ping, practicing yoga in Turkey. 

by Li-Ping Chew

YogaWhat comes to mind first?


…someone bent into a pretzel while standing on their head.

…a darkened room filled with incense and unfamiliar chanting.

…“Yoga, it’s not for me. I’m not flexible.”

What if you tried seeing yoga in a different light?

…No one wakes up being able to snatch 200lbs. Neither do people wake up being able to put their leg behind their head!

  • Yoga postures, like CrossFit movements, are adjustable for any level of flexibility. With continued practice, you will see growth and progress!


…Yoga teaches you how to control different muscles of your body.

  • Anyone knows how to flex their bicep, but can you activate your hamstrings while standing? Understanding and controlling your muscles can translate to getting out of that hole in your deep squat by activating your posterior chain.


…Yoga can be relaxing and it can also be challenging!

  • Learn to use your breath to help you open your gentle yoga poses and also help you keep focused during your more challenging poses. Knowing how to use your breath can help during those seemingly never-ending met cons.


Come join us for a Bandit CrossFit Yoga class!

Things to bring:

  • Your friends! This is open to both Bandit members and to non-members as well.
  • A yoga mat.
  • A towel. Just in case you get sweaty.
  • Any props you might need (a yoga block, etc)

Class Schedule:

  • Located at Bandit CrossFit, 13033 Kayleigh Cove, Biloxi, MS (in Woolmarket)
  • Tuesday, 6:30-7:30am
  • Saturday, 7:30-8:30am


  • Bandit Members: $6/class. $20/4 classes, to be used within 2 months
  • Non-members: $10/class. $36/4 classes, to be used within 2 months

About the Teacher, Li-Ping Chew

Li-Ping stumbled upon her first yoga class three years ago as a means to try give her body a break from running. With the lights dimmed, she thought the class would be a cat nap, but it ended up being a challenging sequence and rhythm of poses that left her sweaty and sore! Li-Ping recently completed her 200-hr teacher training in New Orleans, just about the time when she started doing CrossFit. She appreciates the benefit of yoga and CrossFit together, and looks forward to sharing it with others.


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