Bandit CrossFit WOD–Monday March 28, 2016

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1: Warm-up (No Measure)

(Coaches Choice, based on admin duties for visitors in classes)


PVC Pipe Game

Any dynamic movements to prep shoulders, core, quads, posterior chain:

assault bike (use this in warmup to save time in explaining workout)

Plate Circles

Ring Pullups (use this in warmup to save time in explaining skill work)

DB Push Press (use this in warmup to save time in explaining standards for OH hold in skill work)

Running Warmup Drills (Boot camp warmup)

Then: Explain movements: (5-10 minutes)

DB Hang Clean and Push Press

Abmat Situps

Let class practice a couple rounds/sets


2: Metcon (Time)

If running late, cut the rounds to four.

5 Rounds:

15 Cal Assault Bike

15 DB Hang (power) Clean and Push Press

15 Abmat Situps

rest 2 minutes

(Assault Bike work should not take longer than a minute. Please stop at one minute so you can keep the desired stimulus for this workout. Rounds should be very consistent in finish time. You should be working very quickly and limit breaks. If you have to take a break in DB hang cleans, lighten your weight. You should have a weight that you feel comfortable doing 15 reps with.

Score: Total time (do not worry about subtracting your rest. Log weight you used in your comments.


3: Metcon (Weight)

EMOM x 8 min:

odd- 7-10 ring rows (try to be as horizontal as possible)

even- 20 sec DB Hold overhead (use heavy weight)

Score: Weight used for DB OH hold.

Do not kip the ring rows. Maintain plank position and do not compromise the integrity of your midline for any reason at all. It would be better for you to only get a halfway pull and keep your midline, than to sacrifice the midline for the sake of touching your chest to the rings. Make sure to feel the scapula engaging and working to help you pull. Ring rows are not a shoulder only movement. We use them to develop the back and your ability to recruit and engage your rotator cuff when you execute a pulling movement.

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