Bandit CrossFit WOD–Monday, November 11, 2013

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Happy Veteran’s Day!

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1: Strict Pullups (4×5 (weighted, HAP))

Absolutely NO KIP. Use the least amount of resistance as possible. You should not be able to rep them out quickly.

2: Front Squat (4×7 @ 70% of Front Squat 1RM)

7 Front squats and 13 back squats are one complete set. Do this four times.

2: High Bar Back Squat (4×13 @ 70% of Front Squat 1RM)

3: Metcon (Distance)

3 rounds

1:00 AMRAP

1:00 ME Handstand Walk
Log total distance.

Scaling=1 minute of:
Shoulder taps or
Handstand Holds (Wall or Box)

Only handstand walking gets a score here. Holds or touches will not be scored, but please log what you did.

Also, this portion of the conditioning (handstand) is at the beginning of the 4 minute AMRAP below for all three rounds.

So, the basic outline for the conditioning:

Three rounds

1 minute handstand walk
4 minutes conditioning work
1 minute rest.

Splitting the handstand portion from the conditioning on the back end is the only way I could put this workout into WODIFY and actually track the results. I apologize if there is any confusion.

3: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


3 rounds of

4:00 AMRAP

20 Single Arm KB Power Cleans 24/16Kg
(10L/10R each rep begins at floor)
30 Double Unders

rest 1:00

Rx+ (Level 4)
HSPU 6/4″ Deficit
KB 32/24 kg

Level 2
HSPU with mats/or bands
24/16 kg KB
60 Singles

Level 1
HSPU on box
KB weight at your and coach’s discretion
60 singles
Kettlebell Clean video:

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