Bandit CrossFit WOD–Tuesday, May 3, 2016


No Saturday class until May 14, 2016.

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1: Bandit Barbell Snatch Warmup (No Measure)

2: 3-Position Snatch (6 sets, Every 90 sec)

high-hang, hang above knee, just below the knees


3: Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds:

15 KB Swing (53/35)

10 Abmat Situps

3 MU

rest 2:1
Ratio is rest:work., so you rest 2x as long as it took you to work. This work shouldn’t take any more than 2 minutes. So, the total work time should be no more than 30 minutes. If you are moving quickly and finishing in a minute, feel free to do an additional round, or two.

Extra Work

4: Metcon (No Measure)

4.1) 4 sets – 10 seated dumbbell press (seated on floor)

start light and increase weight each set w/o movement degradation

4.2) 30 tripod leg lifts

– any break or fall = 10 abmat situps


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