Pensacola Beach Brawl 2014: Carmen Rivera, Scaled Individual

1966903_285139914972788_1151351500_nCarmen Rivera has been with Bandit CrossFit since June 2013. She is a military service member and avid Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner. Carmen is always there to support our gym members through grueling training workouts in the gym and cheer for our Bandit competition team on the competition floor. Now, it’s Carmen’s turn to represent Bandit as a competitor. We are really excited to see her in her first event, the Pensacola Beach Brawl, in the scaled ladies division. More about Carmen, the Beach Brawl, and CrossFit:

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
About a year and 4 months, give or take.


What is your competitive CrossFit experience?
This will be my first competition.


Why did you choose to the do the Beach Brawl?
I want to see where I stand compared to other CrossFitters around the Coast. Also Coach Kim gave me her spot. I couldn’t say no. She believes in me.


Why do you want to do CrossFit competitions? 
I want to improve myself and my skills. I tend to perform better under pressure because of the competition around me and the cheering from my gym family. I get really competitive, and losing is not an option. Therefore, magic happens and somehow I get extra fuel to keep going.


What are your goals in the Beach Brawl competition?
I wish to win it, but placing would be a more reasonable goal since I haven’t been dedicating myself 100% to the gym


What movement do you hope to see?
Anything really. I think I will perform fairly well at the scaled division movements.


What movement do you not want to see?
Heavy thrusters.


Why do you do CrossFit? What do you like most about it?
I crossfit because I love to feel like I’m dying after I work out so I can say, “I just did that,” something that the average person can’t do. I love my Bandit family. They are very supportive, and it’s always a good time at the gym when you are surrounded by friends.


Why Bandit CrossFit?
Because it was my first CrossFit gym ever. I love the coaches. They are very helpful, and I also love Kim’s alternative  stretching. I love the atmosphere of a simple gym. Bandit is your old-fashioned box: hot, sweaty, and full of the stuff you need to get stronger and better with the help of my coaches and friends.

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