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At Bandit CrossFit, we’re in the business of changing lives through fitness here in Biloxi. So when we hear great member stories like these, we practically jump for joy! We hope you’ll be our next success story.

  • Barbie Lepre

    At Bandit CrossFit, numbers speak louder than words. Check out some stats on one of our Bandit Boot Camp member Barbie Lepre. Barbie joined our first boot camp session back in April, and here’s her progress so far:

    Pounds lost: 15

    Inches lost: 4.5 (waist and hips combined)

    Performance Testing: (one minute of max effort for sit-ups, pushups, squats)

    Sit-ups gained: 13

    Pushups gained: 17 (First time was to a 30 box, second time was with gymnastics rings)

    Air squats gained: 14 (First time was sitting to a box, second time was without a box)

    400-meter run: improved her time by one minute and 48 seconds

    We couldn’t be more proud of all the hard work Barbie has done these past few months. Her results speak volumes to the dedication she has put into improving her health and fitness.

  • Donnie Handler

    Almost three years ago, I was 100 pounds heavier and out of shape. I decided to make a change in my life and lose weight. After losing some weight, I joined Bandit CrossFit and became part of a new family. I lost an additional 20 lbs. and gained a ton of muscle. I am lifting, running, and competing in competitions and runs (Battle by the Bridge x 2, 12 5k runs, and a team CrossFit competition). This is something I never thought I would be doing. Being a part of this gym has made me more confident and has helped me get in the best shape of my life. Thank you, team!

  • Sylvia Pinegar

    I joined in January 2015 with one goal in mind – climb that rope. I met Janice and her coaches at an OCR training event they put on right before the Spartan Race in Nov. 2014. After seeing all of these bad@$$ ladies dominating the obstacles, I knew this was where I needed to be.

    I love obstacle course races, but it never failed that I had to take a penalty or awkwardly walk around the rope climb because I simply couldn’t do it. When I told the team what my goal was, they knew just what to do. They started me by laying on the floor and pulling myself up using the rope, which progressed to baby steps up the rope, and then finally climbing all the way to the top like it was nothing.

    The day I made it all the way to the top was one of the greatest feelings ever. I love going to Bandit before the sun rises and before my body knows what’s going on. The people there make me smile and are always encouraging me to push harder than I thought I could, and I leave with a fantastic feeling of accomplishment every time.


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