You’ve Just Got to DO IT.

by Janice Marie Ferguson

No matter what your “it” is. You’ll never be ready. There’s never a perfect time. Ever. You’ve just got to DO IT.

But, we unwittingly hold ourselves back from achievement…because we just aren’t ready yet.

I’ll apply for that new position AFTER I complete this big project.
We’ll have a baby AFTER we pay for our college loans.
I’ll pay off my debt AFTER I get a raise.
I’ll start CrossFit AFTER I’m in shape.
I won’t go to CrossFit on clean and jerk day until AFTER I can do clean and jerks better.
I’ll do the CrossFit Open AFTER I can do pullups.
I’ll sign up for the RX Division AFTER I have double unders and muscle ups.
I’ll run the Spartan Race AFTER I can do a rope climb.
I’ll do the 5k AFTER I can run without stopping.

The best way to get ready for something is to just do the thing. You’ve got to roll your sleeves up, and do the work–as imperfect as it may be. You’ve just got to do it. Own those weaknesses. Test yourself. Set yourself up to fail. Get up, and then do it again. Why? Because failure is our greatest teacher. If we keep ourselves sheltered and safe until AFTER we’re “ready,” we’ll never move forward.

Nothing in life OR CrossFit happens overnight. You’ve got to get up, and just DO IT!

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