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Janice opened Bandit CrossFit in 2013, after spending two years leading an outdoor bootcamp program she called “Fergie’s Boot Camp.”

Her own fitness journey began in 2005 when she started CrossFit in her backyard in Texas after seeing some videos online. She is passionate about fitness and is still learning and improving her own fitness every day along with helping to lead others.

Janice has done everything from running 5Ks and ultra-marathons, to qualifying for the USAW Masters Nationals, CrossFit Regionals, to participating in extreme endurance events like the SISU Iron and GORUCK. She has competed in every CrossFit Open since 2011. She’s competed on American Ninja Warrior and Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge. She’s also a World Champion Wild Hog Catcher with the belt buckle to prove it, and her latest hobby is endurance horse riding, where she has completed two 25-mile horse races on her Arabian, Saay No More.

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Janice M. Ferguson | OWNER

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